When Earth is under attack, it's up to the pilot team of the Rhinocelator space mech to join forces and save the world!

Problem is, they can't really get their act together.

Use your arrow keys to move, Z to act, X to run, and A to restart.
In your mech, use X to fire and arrow keys to move.

This game was made using TIC-80, which means you can play it in your browser without downloading anything. But it also means that you can easily see how it was made and even make changes, all without downloading anything! Simply press ESC, then select "close game" with the Z key. From there you can see all the code, art, and sounds, and any changes will be reflected in the game when you type "run" into the console.

Written in the Fennel programming language for the Lisp Game Jam 2019. Inspired by I'll Form the Head by MC Frontalot.

By Emma Bukacek and Phil Hagelberg

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