Version 1.0.0; post-game-jam polish

I just published the finishing touches of the post-game jam version of EXO_encounter 667 incorporating all the feedback I have gathered since the jam ended. This new version is quite a bit more polished than the one for the jam, and has several bugs fixed.

  • Added sound effects
  • Animate the opening and closing of doors
  • Speed up scrolling when the selected unit is offscreen
  • Label rovers that aren't selected to reduce guesswork
  • Allow rovers to move backwards
  • Slow down turn rate to allow for more precise aiming

Please enjoy version 1.0.0!


EXO_encounter 667 (Windows) 19 MB
Version 3 74 days ago
EXO_encounter 667 (Linux) 38 MB
Version 3 74 days ago
EXO_encounter 667 (Mac) 21 MB
Version 3 74 days ago

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